Who we are

About Patongo Counselling Community Outreach (PCCO)

Who we are?

Patongo Counselling Community Outreach is a Ugandan CBO, established in 2010 to tackle the long-term psychological impact of the war that raged in Northern Uganda for more than 20years.  PCCO has highly skilled counselors who provide counseling support to 48 groups (of 30 people each) and to individuals in the community in order to help them manage and cope up with trauma and also learning vital  information in Health such as  HIV prevention and treatment, Mental Health support program, WASH, Adolescent Reproductive health education, Family Planning ,Gender, women’s and children’s rights, group savings and Loans activities, Good Agricultural practices, Livelihood and Food Security,  Environmental Management practices, and Humanitarian preparedness and response.


The aims and objectives of the organization are in line with government policy frame work in social and fields.

  1. To tackle trauma and mental ill health including the long term psychosocial consequences of the war in Uganda.
  2. To design, deliver and lead in Humanitarian Preparedness and Response in Uganda
  3. To promote the long term socio-economic reintegration of war affected persons/Refugees and advocate for peace building promotion and protection of human Rights in Uganda. 
  4. To increase household income, food and nutrition security and livelihood through sustainable agricultural production, VSLA and IGAs in Uganda.
  5. To strengthen Malaria, Tuberculosis & HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care, coordination and response in Uganda.
  6. To create inclusion awareness Raising, Educate Adolescent boys and girls and the other productive community members on sexual reproductive health rights and family planning in Uganda. 
  7. To Create awareness, prevent and response to SGBV in the community
  8. To promote gender mainstreaming, Equality and Equity amongst girls child/women in Uganda.
  9. To improve household nutrition for vulnerable groups in Uganda

“Hope for lives”

An empowered inclusive society, free from trauma, poverty and diseases, living a sustainable livelihood

We strive to empower vulnerable persons/Refugees through psychosocial support, Livelihood and food security, Health, Education and economic skills knowledge to enable them build a sustainable resilient community.

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